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Thank you for your interest in the cooperative's actions to make people's lives better. Our Blog is The Newsroom to keep you informed on a regular basis.

With COVID-19, you are invited to use our drive-up facilities for full service. If you need to enter the main office building in Bloomfield or Sikeston for additional services, we ask that you wear a mask. Thank you for working with us to protect you and us. If you are experiencing financial hardship or have questions, please call us at 800-813-5230. For your safety, we encourage you to pay your electric or fiber bill in several ways: by phone (877) 833-3634; by mail PO Box 520, Sikeston, MO 63801; and by SmartHub.

We appreciate your concern as we continue to monitor the pandemic and take necessary steps to make people's lives better with electricity and fiber. Let’s squeeze the COVID-19 lemon to make lemonade and plant the seeds for a better future.  

Thank you - CEO/GM Sean Vanslyke

Dogwood-Azalea Parade & The Friday Feature w/ Sean

Team SEMO - SEMO Electric and GoSEMO Fiber - will participate in the Dogwood-Azalea parade tomorrow. The parade will start at 11 a.m. Come join in on all the fun.

Week 56 of #TheFridayFeature | Preventive Care! Are you taking care of yourself?

This week is Lineman Appreciation Week. We would like to take time to recognize our wonderful linemen of SEMO Electric Cooperative. All of us at SEMO Electric work hard for our members. However, our linemen battle bad weather and safely work directly with electricity. Thanks to our crew and all neighboring cooperatives' teams for keeping our lights on in southeast Missouri. We love our members. We love our linemen.

The Friday Feature with Sean

Get Organized!

Get organized before a storm strikes! Store an emergency supply kit in an easy-to-find spot.

The Friday Feature with Sean

Week 54 of #TheFridayFeature because we need a push on life’s giant swing. Let’s recognize Easter as an opportunity for a fresh start. There are many people counting on you. Don’t miss your opportunity! #Renew #Rebuild #Restart #keeppushingforward #leadwithyourheart

#GoSEMOFiber #playball Did you know you can watch the St. Louis Cardinals on GoSEMO Fiber’s Channel 302? Call 877-430-5418 for TV service.

The Friday Feature with Sean

Week 53 #TheFridayFeature because we all need an occasional push on life’s giant swing. Keep your eyes on the prize... step over hurdles as necessary. It took 450 days, but we finally got to hug our grandchildren! #leadwithyourheart #keeppushingforward

GoSEMO Fiber Construction Continues

You need and deserve fiber-fast broadband services. That's why SEMO Electric Cooperative launched GoSEMO Fiber four years ago. For those who have GoSEMO Fiber, thank you for your support. We love to hear how fiber-fast broadband services has changed your life.

For those members waiting to be connected, we will get there. Your desire to be connected matches our desire to connect you. Your time is coming. How may you help? As a member, keep supporting us and be confident we will get to you. We can't wish it, but we will keep pushing forward to get the job done.

It was just 48 months ago yesterday that the GoSEMO Fiber project was approved by the board. We started from scratch. It took nearly one year to set up a network and build enough fiber to serve our first member-subscriber. Team SEMO and our construction partners are jumping hurdles such as rain, COVID-19 and the Polar Vortex to get the 2,000 mile job done by the end of Spring. Today, we have over 8,368 connected broadband services and growing every day. Our mission is to make your life better.

For non-members in areas we don't serve with electricity, we hear your urgent pleas for service. We will continue to seek funding and develop relationships to help you and the entire southeast Missouri region get fiber-fast broadband services in the future. Please continue to show your support at https://www.gosemofiber.com/ so we can show elected officials the true desire for fiber-fast broadband in rural Missouri.

Thank you - CEO

Sean J. Vanslyke